5 star hotel in Rouen, who better than the hotel de Bourgtheroulde to welcome you ?

The hotel de Bourgtheroulde is without a doubt the most attractive 5 star hotel in Rouen. Its historical setting, the quality of its rooms, its impressive spa, everything contributes to make this establishment the perfect place to stay for a charming Norman weekend.

A 5 star hotel in Normandy, the reference address

There are hotels like the Hotel de Bourgtheroulde that are a little more than a place to come, sleep and eat. No, they are a landmark for their city, an element that has always been there and that reassures by its centuries-old presence. This 5 star hotel in Rouen is exactly that. Housed in a magnificent 15th century building, it combines historical charm with modern comfort. Everything in the common areas will remind you of its history and that of the Normandy region. The old stones, the emblem of François 1er (the salamander) that can be found everywhere, the name of the spa (Le Drap d'Or), there are so many things to remind you that this 5 star hotel in Normandy is first and foremost a historical address. For the rooms, it is on the contrary the modern comfort that prevails while keeping elegance and noble materials.

A whole 5 star hotel to seduce you

The hotel de Bourgtheroulde is first and foremost a spa hotel in Rouen. 700m² are dedicated to your comfort with a magnificent swimming pool with a ceiling directly overlooking the atrium, and a counter-current swimming area. The spa also has magnificent treatment rooms, a wide choice of products, a gym, a sauna, a hammam and many moments of well-being. This 5-star hotel in Normandy also has a gourmet restaurant that gives pride of place to the region and the seasons. In a very elegant and contemporary setting, l'Aumale, as the restaurant is called, welcomes you for a leisure stay as well as a business stay in Rouen. Indeed, professionals on the move will find in this 5-star hotel in Rouen a perfect setting for a stay that is both studious, productive, and surrounded by a comfort that will honor your colleagues and partners.

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