What if your seminar hotel in Rouen had 5 stars?

The Hotel de Bourgtheroulde has all the arguments to be the hotel for seminars in Rouen that you had not even dared to imagine. Shall we take you on a tour of the place?

Seminar in Rouen, why choose another hotel than the best ?

In order to choose the right spa business hotel in Rouen, you have to take into account some arguments. The rooms hosting your collaborators and guests must have the necessary surface area, the capacity to change layout, but also be equipped with everything necessary for professional meetings. With 4 seminar rooms, all of which are modular, you can receive up to 200 people in this hotel for seminars in Rouen, and according to your configuration, since each room is large enough to allow the modulations you need. The Atrium Bar can even accommodate up to 500 people. All the audio and video equipment (microphone, projector, overhead projector, television, fixed or mobile stage, etc.) is of course pre-installed to facilitate all your speeches. But it is also in its services that the Bourgtheroulde hotel stands out with a catering service for every moment of the day, access to Wi-fi for all and the provision of professional equipment such as computers.

A 5 star hotel for your seminar in Rouen

In search of a seminar room in Rouen, you are probably looking for the accommodation that goes with it. Why choose another address than the only 5 star hotel in Rouen? The Hôtel de Bourgtheroulde welcomes you in optimal conditions of comfort, but also of style with its classic rooms, where wood, fabrics, but also the ancient history of this building dating from the 15th century dominate. Classified as a historical monument, it is nowadays an address not to be missed when looking for a hotel for a seminar in Rouen. You will also like its restaurant, l'Aumale, where you can taste a gastronomic cuisine based on seasonal and local products shared in a friendly atmosphere. Finally, for seminars lasting several days, the spa with its incredible swimming pool will be an ideal moment to rest, relax and forget the tensions of the day to better start a new day of work.

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