Hotel with spa in Rouen : remember only one word : Bourgtheroulde

The Bourgtheroulde hotel is the most beautiful hotel with spa in Rouen. A title largely deserved by the high quality of its facilities and its great reputation in the city. We tell you how you will enjoy your stay in Normandy.

Hotel spa in Normandy for an unforgettable stay

When you have a few days of rest, a few days without worries, you expect two things from your hotel: the stars and the spa. The hotel with spa in Rouen, the Hotel de Bourgtheroulde , fulfills these two conditions to perfection. It is a 5 star hotel, so it is perfect in terms of comfort. It is also a wonderful spa hotel in Rouen, the largest spa in the region. First of all, there is this 18 x 9 meter pool whose transparent ceiling takes advantage of the light from the atrium above. It obviously stands out because of the charm of the place, after all this thalasso hotel in Rou en is listed as a historical monument. But it is also the swimming pool which seduces thanks to the counter-current swimming. The spa is also a large treatment and massage area. There is of course sauna and hammam as well as a gym. How can we not see in the equipment and its environment the framework of a simply perfect stay in Normandy?

Your massages in Rouen: the Bourgtheroulde hotel

The Spa du Drap d'Or: the name already gives an idea of the atmosphere of the place. The camp of the Cloth of Gold is a great diplomatic meeting of the XVIth century, with François 1st as representative of France. But here, it is a promise of excellence, as if only kings, queens, crowned heads and influential people from all over Europe could come to this Rouen spa hotel. It is of course open to all clients who seek elegance, discretion and excellence. If one imagines this spa as grandiose, one is close to the truth. And it is in the image of all the rest of this 5 star hotel in Rouen where the restaurant deserves your attention as well. For professionals on the move as well as individuals, this hotel spa in Normandy will leave you with an unforgettable memory.

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